Gymnastics lessons

Class always begins with a warm-up of large motor skills, stretching, brain dance and yoga.  Then, we move into our gymnastics.  We attempt/master our skills using obstacle courses with different stations of equipment.


Animal walks, donkey kicks, handstand drills, cartwheel drills and cartwheels, somersaults, log rolls, candlestick rolls, table, bridges.


Running, hopping, jumping, squat on, straddle on, hopscotch patterns.


Swings, front support, casts, pullovers, chin-ups, forward roll dismounts, bat swings, toe-ups.


Walks, jumps, leaps, turns, down low movements, mounts and dismounts.


Students are always encouraged to do their best.  It often takes them many attempts before the skill starts to feel right!  Praise their attempts at home and encourage them to do more!   Gymnastics takes lots of practice, repetition and determination!