Dance lessons

Dance class typically begins with a warm-up of large motor skills (gallop, skip, jump, hop…), stretching, yoga and brain dance exercises.  We then move into our theme and concept work.  Other dances may focus on BALLET, TAP and CREATIVE/FREE dancing.  We finish our class with across the floor steps and props to reinforce our theme or a specific movement.

We use  WEEKLY THEMES to help us explore dance.  Examples are Back to School, Fun in Fall, 101 Dalmations, Winnie the Pooh, Harvest Hoedown, Football Rock.  We use these themes two weeks in a row.

We CREATIVE CONCEPTS to help us explore dance.  Examples are size, focus, speed, balance, story dance, relationships, direction and level.

We include PRE-BALLET and PRE-TAP exercises each week.  CREATIVE DANCE teaches young dancers dance and ballet basics with a developmentally appropriate approach.  The dance basics are taught and explored through imagery, storytelling, pretend, games and songs.  Examples of these elements include:  arm gestures (por de bras), toe point (tandu), leg circles (rond de jambe), knee bends (plie) and kicks (battement).